On this website, you will find information about our Campaign in the United Kingdom to get Justice for Sanjiv Bhatt, a senior Indian Police Officer who was given a sentence of life imprisonment by a sessions court in Gujarat, India. He was harassed after he gave evidence against Narendra Modi, the current Indian Prime Minister about his role in the 2002 Gujarat riots which led to the killing of over 1000 people.


Sanjiv Bhatt was an upright police officer who is now paying the price by being implicated in cases that were decades old and that were already cleared. His case was previously supported by the government of Gujarat state but this changed after 2002.


We call on you to join and support our campaign, which is fast turning into a global campaign, now to fight for Justice for Sanjiv Bhatt. 

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URL: https://www.change.org/p/voice-of-india-justice-for-sanjiv-bhat

What can you do?


  1. Send us a message from the contact us page so that you can remain updated about the progress of the campaign;
  2. Sign the online petition above;
  3. Request us to send you paper petitions so that you can print and obtain signatories;
  4. Request a speaker to attend a public meeting to spread awareness;
  5. Contact your Member of Parliament and raise concern;
  6. Pray;
  7. Provide funding to meet the adminstrative costs of the campaign and others like it.




"I thought it was only a section of minorities under-attack in India. It is clear that no-one is safe today even if you are a high caste Hindu who believes in equality, justice and rule of law.


Watching from the sidelines is a foolish option because one day there may be no-one for you".  Anonymous

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